My 8 bit computer retro setup

February 9, 2022

(originally posted 2020-09-10)

Recently started my 8 bit hobby again by starting to get the two machines from my parents attic that I still owned from the past: my original old Commodore 128D and the ZX Spectrum 128 I aqcuired a decade after.

As a youth there where four machines that I used by far the most:

  • Commodore 64, followed by the Commodore 128D
  • ZX Spectrum, followed by the ZX Spectrum + and 128 'Toastrack'
  • Oric Atmos

My trinity completed, plus an old acquaintance

Over the past few months I have made this trinity complete by acquiring an Oric Atmos, recently followed by a Texas Instruments TI-49/4a I also used in the past.

Let's see where this new hobby leads me.

(update 14/2/2022) Since the original post I added some machines. My present collection:





Audio and video connections


retro-setup-2 retro-setup-3

Additional photos of present setup: 2021-06-30 07-56-32 UTC

2021-10-20 20-58-49 UTC 2